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Hello! We are Fluens Children’s Therapy and we help children speak more clearly and communicate better with others.

If you’re a parent who has a child with a speech delay (or have a strong suspicion he does), then you’re in the right place. Feel free to check out our services, blog posts, resources, and sign up for ongoing tips and tools delivered straight to your inbox.

Thank you for visiting and know that you don’t have to go this journey alone. Have a great day!

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TRUST YOUR GUT: a free guide

Download our free guide outlining 7 ways to know that your child needs help with speech. We’ll also send you Fluens news and regular updates so you’re always in the loop.

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Our Mission Statememt

fluēns (Latin) = flowing, streaming, pouring

At Fluens Children’s Therapy, we believe that as children are able to communicate better, their ideas will flow more easily and enable them to have stronger, more meaningful relationships with their family, friends, and members of the community. Together we can create a participative plan of action to accomplish these goals.

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Children’s Books There are a lot of great books when it comes to rhyming.  The best of them would probably … Keep Reading…

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How Can I Be Sure My Child Understands What I’m Saying?

Why Won’t He Listen? Maybe it’s almost bedtime so you ask your kiddo to put away his toys.  You step … Keep Reading…

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Meet Jessica Abawag


Jessica Abawag is a speech therapist for children (and their parents) who aren’t quite speaking as clearly as they should….and the frustration is starting to show.

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"Love, love Jessica & the whole Fluens team! My son had several different therapist and none of them came to such a close connection and understanding as he has with Jessica. I love that she uses her own ways of therapy and treat my son as an individual, not just a number. April, the receptionist, is such a sweetheart. She works with my schedule trying to fit my needs and makes you feel at home as soon as you walk in. I'm so thankful and happy that we found our new family with Fluens."

- Lana

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